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Highest Recorded Temperatures On EARTH

For copyright matters please contact us at: mrrocky3145@gmail.com Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/FactsVerse Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactsVerse Narrated by: ...

Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?

In this video I make a detailed examination of the quality of the global temperature record, which all of climate science is dependent on. It is a long video, with ...

Top 10 COLDEST Recorded Temperatures on EARTH!

Welcome to Top10Archive! If ever there was a video you'd want to cuddle up with your Snuggie for, it'd be this one! We're traversing the globe, thermometer in ...

Is The Global Temperature Record Credible? (version 2)

In this video I make a detailed examination of the quality of the global temeprature record, which all of climate science is dependent on. It is a long video, with ...

Heatwave Shatters Temperature Records Across Northern Hemisphere

Major temperature records have been shattered throughout the Northern Hemisphere as the heat of human caused climate change bites deep.

Record-breaking climate trends 2016 – rising temperatures and shrinking sea ice

Two key climate change indicators have broken numerous records through the first half of 2016, according to NASA analyses of ground-based observations and ...

Francis Zwiers: The Instrumental Temperature Record and What it Tells us About Climate Change

The Instrumental Temperature Record and What it Tells us About Climate Change Dr. Francis Zwiers, Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis This ...

Temperature record tool tutorial

A brief tutorial in using the temperature record tool for the Denial101x online course.

Is The Global Temperature Record Credible?


BBC News Review: World set to break global temperature record

A new world record is about to be broken. Join Sian and Catherine to discover the language from the headlines you can use in everyday life. Learn more here ...

The US Temperature Record : NASA And NOAA Cooking The Books


Is The NASA Temperature Record Credible?


Antarctica Sets New Record For Coldest Temperature On Earth

Data from a NASA satellite reveals temperatures in east Antarctica plunged below 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit, a new record.

Are Climate Models And The Surface Temperature Record Credible?


Fraud And Collusion In The Global Temperature Record


Japan heatwave sees temperature hit record 41 degrees

Broiling temperatures in Japan saw the mercury hit a record 41 degrees Celsius (106 Fahrenheit), after at least nine people died from heatstroke over the ...

Warmest Global Temperature on Record on This Week @NASA – January 20, 2017

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced on Jan. 18, that global surface temperatures in 2016 were the warmest ...

Global Temperature Data is Questioned

The existence and the continuing fraud in relation to global temperatures is documented and exposed by Professor Ole Humlum on his Climate4You website; ...

Temperature in Phoenix shoots toward record-breaking 120

As the temperature shoots toward 120 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona, fire crews are rushing to handle a surge in heat-related emergencies. When it's over 110, ...

Record high temperature in Japan as heat wave grips the region

Dozens of people have died across Japan as the country continues to swelter under scorching summer temperatures. The World is One News, WION examines ...

Scientist explains recent NOAA Temperature Data adjustments #ColdBias

Zeke Hausfather on NOAA Temperatures, and cold bias in records, via http://temperature-record.purzuit.com/video/lO4bOvxRQnI.html Read related study: Assessing recent ...

Japan Heatwave Kills 44 And Breaks National Temperature Record

Kumagaya, near Tokyo, reached temperatures of 41.1 degrees celsius on July 23, creating a new national record. The heatwave has already caused the deaths ...

Heatwave set new temperature records in 60% of S. Korea

폭염 새 역사 쓴 2018년…전국 관측소 60%에서 최고기온 신기록 South Korea's been suffocating under a heatwave for more than two weeks now. But the good ...

Kevin Trenberth on the 2015 Temperature Record

Kevin Trenberth PhD is a senior researcher at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado.

Antarctica's record high temperature may surprise you

Temperatures on the Antarctic continent reached a record-breaking high of 63.5 degrees Fahrenheit in 2015, according to a new report of balmy records for the ...

Record high temperature possible this Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2018 may set a new record for its sizzling heat. (May 28, 2018)

Temperature Reaches Record Cold Atop Mount Washington

Temperature reaches record cold -34 degrees atop Mount Washington.

Earth's Cenozoic temperature record

How scientists discovered the way temperature on Earth has changed over the last 70 million years.

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